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Switching to be a Student Again After 3 Years of Work

January 7th, 2021

Hello everyone, in today's blog post I'll mention a topic that is not technical at all; how did I decide to be a student again I work for 3 years?

I mean there is no easy way for explaining that actually, so I'll mention about the main underlying reasons and I can go in the deeper details of both why and how I did that switch. So, first I'll try to explain why did I do that briefly and then I'll create a short road map for the ones who might want to follow the same path, especially if they are from Turkey.


I mean there are several reasons that pushed me in this path of course I can basically say that the overall reason if a merge of necessities and opportunities.

Firstly, I should explain my financial resources and how did I earned right of having it. I'm actually a student that is selected from Turkish Ministry of National Education and basically our ( and all the other student under the same program ) agrees on some basic terms. All the financial costs are being covered by the Ministry, in return student has to work for the preselected government institution for a period of time. I'll explain more about the process at the "HOW?" section. So since financial aspects were not a problem for me I've dived right into the process after I decide to study again.

If we now come to why did I choose to be a student again, the short answer is because that was the best opportunity for the given time. I was feeling like I wasn't going anywhere with my current job yet I had to work, I wasn't happy about my educational background overall and wanted to be pushed by "getting degree in time "pressure to be better at academical aspects, those were the main reasons why I did that choice actually and so far I'm nowhere near feeling regret.

Why Germany? I mean it was one of the easiest choices of the overall process. First of all America wasn't available for me to choose due to program structure at the time. Since this is the case I had to go to Europe basically, I feel Canada is not worth for going such a far place. In Europe since school fees are also covered most people are selecting England from our program, yet 1 year of M. Sc. education with no real opportunity to explore the environment and the europe overall just didn't seem like the right fit, so I selected Germany.


I mean firstly the program requirements are quite in, so for the Turkish viewers I'll just write the name of the program in quotes and I'll move to landing a letter of acceptance.

The programs name is "YLSY" and basically sends lots Turkish students to different regions of the world. All you need to have is an "ALES" score ( a high one probably) and a Bachelor's degree.

After I passed all the official stuff about the program and get my IELTS score (7.0 overall, nothing so impressive) I started my application process with all the schools that are matching with program's(schools being a decent one :)) and my cretaries. Mine was actually a simple one also(since the school also had to be good), I was looking for English education option. So I listed all the schools from top to bottom that are matching with what I just explained above and I applied to all of them, since my GPA is not that high some of them were just instant rejections( sometimes due to mismatch between my transcript and school's Bachelor's curriculum). I won't explain the whole application process in detail now but I can do that in another post. Eventually, I received an offer from the Bielefeld University and I enrolled as fast as I can. Currently I'm also at Germany and working on my studies, I might write any other noticeable updates here in the blog also.

Thank you for bearing with me this far, I hope hearing non technical topics from me are not as boring as they often are. Until next time, take care of yourselves :)

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