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ngrok Quick Start and Basics

December 24th, 2020

What is ngrok

ngrok is a tool that enables developers to expose their local development environment to Internet with as little effort as possible. ngrok works cross platform and it publishes your wish of choice at a subdomain of

Hands on Experience:

To be able to use ngrok we first should go ahead and download the ngrok from it's website.

Here is a link for the website: ngrok

On the main page above we can find the download section.


On download section you can find the compatible link for your system. It will contain an executable, we'll later learn how to use it.


For the purposes of this tutorial we'll use VS Code. On extensions section "live server" extension can be found.


Now we can go ahead and create our basic html page to publish later.


On the right bottom we can activate the local server by clicking the "Go Live" button.


Now our page is live locally.


Now that we publish our webserver on port 5500, we can go ahead and unzip ngrok file. With "./ngrok http 5500" command we can create our tunnel finally.


All right our local page is finally online, yet to clarify ngrok is awesome but only for development purposes, it's not a tool to use for production.

Thank you very much for following along with me, I hope to see you on the new ones. :)

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