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My Take on Rancher, First Sight

January 29th, 2021

Hello everyone, today I'll briefly mention how I introduced with Rancher, What is Rancher, and what are my future plans to get better at infrastructure overall.

It's not a technical guide, just my preview of the subject at the moment, but I'm planning to create technical and more in depth posts in the future.


Actually I was always interested with infrastructure overall and since I wasn't actually working for any companies recently the things are quite abstract to me for the most cases, I mean I'm always trying to involve containers into the projects I do and make them a part of my workflow but as you can probably imagine there is no real decent reasons for building an high availability Kubernetes cluster at your home and do every little thing about software development on such an infrastructure.

Recently, I caught an opportunity to work as a part time web developer in a local startup in the place I live and in our first interview they've mentioned me about their technologies and they asked me if I knew Rancher, I didn't have any clue at the moment but they explained me what does Rancher do and I iterated over that idea, the meeting ended up positive and they gave me a shot at their company shortly after. But even before they told me that this will be the situation for me I started to look at Rancher and it was totally amazing, it was helping you with so many things and abstracting all the tough processes with a decent understandable UI. So since then, from time to time I'm looking around on Rancher docs and trying to understand what are the capabilities.

Okay okay, I know the part above sounds cheesy and after you read it for 30 seconds an indistinct fuckyou echos between the walls of your chest :D. But that was the reality for real.

What is Rancher?

Let's briefly explain what is Rancher and what does is solve briefly, later on I'll be doing more tutorials with it hopefully.

Rancher is an open source tool to simplify container orchestration and supports it helps managing and scaling workloads with a understandable and easy to use interface and very small learning curve comparing to others. I think some of the most important things that makes it special is that design language they follow while creating their UI and of course seamlessly flawless working software in the background ( I know it probably has lots of flaws it's a piece of software that has made by humans for humans, flawless compare to any other solution ).

With Rancher it's so easy to set up a Kubernetes cluster add containers in it and make it run in just a couple of minutes via just using the UI.


I actually crafted a road for my learning journey with Rancher, I'm currently trying to watch every tutorial that I'm interested in and I don't really have any work specific duties except that really. I'll be start testing everything I learned on a cloud Ubuntu Server, I already tried one or two easy stuff from tutorials and I want to expand my knowledge with all sorts of enterprise ready solutions that Rancher can offer, after I start doing stuff with it as an employee I'll eventually focus on the parts that I'll use daily basis so now doing that free jumping around stuff can be a better idea to have a clearer vision overall.

Alright everyone, today's post was a little bit weird and didn't really went anywhere so interesting but I wanted to create a basis for the Rancher posts that I'll publish in the future.

I hope to see you in the next ones, take care :)

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