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How do I motivate myself?

February 2nd, 2021

Hello everyone, today I'll be talking about how do I motivate myself to do things I don't particularly like to do sometimes, this one is going to be fairly shorter one I hope you'll enjoy it.



I don't remember myself being hardworking and responsible at any age of my life. I've always been a lazy dreamer who overestimates his potential too much( probably like most of the people) without not being able to focus on anything for real. I'm not anymore, I don't really know how far my hard work and motivation tricks can take me but I'm eager to see the limits and playing some tricks to my mind to achieve that doesn't feel like a wrong thing.

Bind Boring Things with Bigger Goals

This is usually hard to do but if you really convince yourself into an idea it's much easier to follow the idea generally. When you do it constantly you are getting better and better and the process usually becomes more satisfactory.

But how I did start or how can one start to reshape a part of the mind like that. I mean it's simple to write and might be hard to execute at first. Firstly you need to find something with a higher potential for real, and easy way of that can be looking up to people who have that skill set that you aim to achieve and their achievements will instantly your motivation in a short term. Nearly every skill no matter if social, technological, physical comes with a really boring and usually long periods of training and practicing, so putting targets in front of your eyes can really help you out to do what you have to do, it works for me.

I need to note a thing by the way, I'm a software engineer and finding such a motivation is maybe the easiest for us engineers, even though I can't imagine a proper motivation for many fields, I believe you experts of the fields can find your own ways into that pushing prize or idol.


Yeah, I know that this one sounds like a total cliche but maybe there is a reason behind you hear it all the time.


It's just working and for many reasons, I'm not an expert or something like that but I'll briefly list why routines are helping me to do stuff and an awesome tool to push yourself for doing the things you always think but never do.

  • It makes it easier, I recently realized that everything I bind into routines one way or another always ends up with a lower level of struggle even though concepts that I'm practicing on gets harder and harder. That's probably because your mind shapes itself to think in the needed way, but yeah again I'm not an expert it just a self observation from my situation.

  • If you publicly share the results of your routines as I do with that blogging stuff, after a point you feel a huge pressure-ish feeling inside of your body to not to break the streak or sometimes after feeling the satisfaction of doing nice things that with your routines the motivation you get will be a pure heart warming type of motivation that can also affect other aspects of your life to the better.

  • Time management will be easier than ever. If you start to follow more than 1-2 routines each day no matter if they are short or not, it'll seamlessly help you to organize your day.

I mean it's 23:25 in the evening and I'm writing that post while even my WiFi isn't working. That should be something behind that.

Reward Yourself

I know that you might have heard it like a million times by now too. But you might not know the real meaning of that. Old me was also aware of such self motivation method, but when you don't follow something like above or basically work your ass off to some success with pure will you are just abusing the rewarding process over and over without deserving it, in such a situation the toy tasks you set for yourself to break the reward barrier will never be able to take you far away.

In my personal opinion if rewarding is a regular thing in your life, at least they should be soo sooo small and then should carry you to a bigger reward. This way you might say at some point "this shit is not worth it, but the process is precious and my goals are bigger and I'm going to achieve them no matter what". Yeah, now giving a second read after I wrote, might sounds stupid to some but totally works for me.

Alright everyone today I shared 3 tricks that I do daily in order to motivate myself for the things that I need to finish one way or another.

I hope you enjoyed it, I'll see you in the next one :)

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