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Game Dev Journey - VI

February 10th, 2021

Hello everyone, today I'll briefly talk about the updates about my game dev learning journey and current plans. So let's get started.


Situation of the Previous Learning Path

I'm happy to say that nearly everything is finished now about the series I follow. I now know lots of stuff about Phaser and Arcade physics provided from it. I'll also finish the parts about the Facebook app upload.

Latest updates I did about the game is as following;

  • General game sounds added.

  • Game sounds effects for other events added.

  • Combat mechanics refined, like sliding and air sliding.

  • Some code refactored.

Map Generation

For map generation with Phaser I found an awesome online resource that can truly step up my progress. When that tutorial ends I hope that I'll now have an extending understanding around following things;

  • Static Map Generation

  • Dynamic Map Generation

  • Procedural Map Generation

  • Another Physics Engine with Phaser

I already worked on 2 things at the time. Static and Dynamic Map generation, now I'll briefly talk about that matter.

Static Map Generation

Before that one I always worked on 2d platformers or flappy bird like projects so working on some other concepts were really great for me. I just followed along with this tutorial. Here is some screenshots from that guides outputs.


Working on such a map improved my insight about the maps overall. But I'm also aware of the limitations of Phaser arcade physics at the moment, for example when working on such a project I'll always need to create my tiles to fully fill the squares because Phaser always wants them as rectangles otherwise we need to convert them to sprites to change the shape and that's painful.

Dynamic Map Generation

Dynamic map generation is quite promising from many aspects. In the example from this same series I followed along with dynamic map generation and that mentioned collider generation I mentioned above.


Future Targets and Conclusion

I'm planning to move on procedural map generation part after that one. I guess it'll be quite promising from many aspects if I can manage to understand it 100%, even I won't use it regularly it could be really flexible for most cases with fun projects and stuff :).

Alright then, that's it for today. I'm hoping to come here next time with something of my own but I guess until that moment my road map doesn't suck that much either. Take care, see you next time :).

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