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Game Dev Journey - III

January 28th, 2021

Hello everyone today’s post is an anchor to flashback this moment from the future to see how my mind worked in the past. My learning methods and researching techniques are pretty much the same but my knowledge is expanding, and I might found a new path for me to get better at what I trying to at the moment.

Technical Stuff

Since my time is quite limited I’m not able to work on games for more than 1–1.5 hours a day, and that makes my technical improvement is quite slow sadly, I’m still working on the same tutorial project and I’m trying to get 100% out of it, yet it feels somewhat not enough sometimes, so it’s nice to keep in mind that this is only for hobby purposes and keep that thought away.

Technically I’m getting more and more familiar with the framework and the development culture it requires, since we do more stuff to engage with the environment or main game characters itself it’s kinda started to sit like muscle memory in my developer behavior. Of course, it’s not that advanced at the moment and some parts feel a little fuzzy still I feel like I’m getting better in that getting automated part, and that feels great.

I worked on taking damage and throwing projectiles and stuff like that while the tutor keeps pushing the viewers to keep the code clean which is awesome in my opinion. I’m trying to add something from my own in each step so the process feels more rewarding in a way. Even though those changes are not visible at the moment I’ll expand their impact in the future.

Here are some screenshots from the game.


Yeah, it’s not that visible here but I’m actually tinting here since I took a hit, and now that I realized that the unused projectiles that I hide to 0,0 are actually reachable maybe I should put them someplace away :)

Overall Improvement

Nothing new here actually, I keep trying to save some time to do more stuff about game dev and it’s not possible because of the time limitations that have created by my other necessities, so I’m trying to fill my eating or sometimes chilling times with game dev related content, like level design, game design, stories of big successes and the things I can take from that, I hope I can add more on that part in the future. I’m also constantly checking up to see what’s new with other game engines and what can they offer overall. I mean I won’t need 99% of what they offer in the short term but it’s still good to know in my opinion.

Another thing that I realized from that those daily researches is using one tool one framework or one engine can only limit your flexibility to some extent and most of the game development knowledge you have is highly transferable, so there is no point for no one to reconsider their choices on those topics over and over while they can channel that time into simply just get better.

That Different Path

After working on the project for 3–4 days I realized that I can take a look at the job opportunities just for fun. I found 1 yes only 1 available job post that consists of the word Phaser in the whole of Germany :D. I mean I could guess that it was going to be less than 20 but 1 was kinda shock, but after I checked the post I really liked the company and the working culture, they are looking for a remote and if possible a freelance developer for the position and since my real expertise is not the game dev and won’t be the game dev in a near future it looked like a job post that I could fit in since they look for freelancers and the scope of a freelancer can be something from a whole project to just a little part of the project. I’m now planning to finish my short term plans as soon as possible and create something that is custom made for them, that way I might get that freelance chance, and being able to work in a real codebase of a real-world project can both motivate and improve me big time.

Alright everyone that’s it for today. I want to say something to those who usually expect more technical and maybe tutorial-like content from me, I know this maybe 1 week was away from that kind of content but I have plans and I’m hopeful about putting them into motion.

I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I’ll see you in the next one. :)

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